Emrick Votes in Favor of Reform Measures

Rep. Joe Emrick (R-Northampton) voted this week to advance a significant seven-piece package of government reform legislation which makes great strides toward changing the current culture in Harrisburg. 

“From day one, I have championed openness, transparency, and accountability in government,” stated Emrick.  “The immediate passage of these bills reflects our commitment in the House to move swiftly toward actual reform in Harrisburg.” 

The first six bills include: 

  • House Bill 103, which increases penalties on those lobbyists who cheat the system by not disclosing all required information or otherwise violate the state lobbying law.
  • House Bill 104 and House Bill 105, which protects whistleblowers who expose waste and fraud of taxpayer dollars within state government.
  • House Bill 107, which states that no individual who has been employed by a company bidding on a contract, within the last two years, may participate in the evaluation of those proposals.
  • House Bill 108, which makes the Right-To-Know law applicable to public procurement contracts and provides for public inspection of non-competitively awarded contracts prior to their enactment.
  • House Bill 109, which prohibits members of the General Assembly from creating or maintaining non-profits that receive public funds. 

Most notably, Emrick voted in favor of House Bill 15, which creates a searchable database for all state spending called PennWATCH.  All state departmental and agency budget expenditures would be available online through one website.  Vendor information and lists of state contract awards, including recipients, purpose and status reports, would be part of PennWATCH. 

“By creating a searchable database, taxpayers can now see where their hard-earned money is going,” said Emrick.   

All seven bills now head to the Senate for consideration. 

State Representative Joe Emrick
137th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  Joshua Zimmerman

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