Minsi Lake Update
The water level at Minsi Lake is lowered temporarily as the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) prepares to make repairs to the lake’s spillway this summer. According to Eric Levis of the PFBC, the plan is to replace several small concrete patches and seal the concrete joints and several cracks on the surface of the dam’s concrete spillway. That work is tentatively scheduled to be completed next month. Once the repair work is finished, the lake will be returned to its normal water level.

The Department of Environmental Protection regards the dam as high-hazard and unsafe because the spillway is not large enough under current regulations. The classification is also warranted due to the potential for property damage and even loss of human life that could occur, should the dam fail.

While the lower water level is an inconvenience for some, we are fortunate in that Minsi is not experiencing the problems being faced by some other high-hazard, unsafe dams around the state. Nevertheless, the spillway does not meet current engineering safety standards and ultimately must be ultimately rebuilt.

The PFBC manages 12 dams that were, or currently are, considered as high-hazard and unsafe. Minsi Lake is one of six dams which remain unfunded. The PFBC estimates it needs $43.1 million in construction funding to fix the six dams, including $3.1 million to rebuild the spillway at Minsi.

While there is no current time table for draining the lake, please be aware that this project is inevitable and will take a number of years to complete. I promise to keep you posted on the latest news and information when it becomes available regarding Minsi Lake.

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Representative Joe Emrick
137th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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