Emrick Supports Fiscally-Responsible Budget
HARRISBURG – State Rep. Joe Emrick joined the majority of his House colleagues Sunday in moving House Bill 1437, the general appropriations portion of the 2013-14 state budget. The legislation contains no new taxes and spends $28.376 billion, a modest 2.3 percent increase over last year, which is within the rate of inflation.

Emrick issued the following statement following passage of the budget bill:

“For the third consecutive year, Pennsylvania’s spending plan for the fiscal year ahead is delivered on time using no new taxes. This budget forces state government to live within its means, just as you do with your own personal budget, while spending only what it has and not taking on new debt.

“The pending loss of $220 million due to federal government cuts to education, health and welfare programs makes avoiding the need to raise taxes especially important. With existing revenues, we supported essential services in the Commonwealth without placing an additional burden on the backs of the Pennsylvania taxpayer.

“A record $10 billion total state dollars is being invested in K-12 education as we continue to support our students. This is especially noteworthy, as we recover from the cuts to state funding imposed by the Rendell administration during fiscal years 2009-10 and 2010-11. At that time, the governor used federal stimulus money to backfill education funding, while cutting the state’s contribution and sending our tax dollars to Philadelphia.

“Funding for the school districts in the 137th District will increase over the 2012-13 budget as follows:

• Bangor Area School District– $485,512 (3.2 percent increase).

• Easton Area School District – $1,409,541 (4.4 percent increase).

• Nazareth Area School District - $629,781 (4.1 percent increase).

“As a member of the House Human Services Committee, I am also pleased to report this budget continues the trend of the last two years by adding $20 million to further reduce waiting lists for services to persons with intellectual disabilities. It also supports the health of the Commonwealth by increasing funding for our regional cancer institutes, Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis centers.”

Representative Joe Emrick
137th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Scott Little
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