Small Games of Chance Changes
By State Rep. Joe Emrick
137th Legislative District

Late last year, Gov. Tom Corbett signed into law legislation that supports Pennsylvania’s charitable clubs and veterans’ organizations. The package of bills includes Act 92, which began as House Bill 290. This legislation contains provisions to address problems with the current Local Option Small Games of Chance Act that have been identified by clubs pertaining to cumbersome and unnecessary conditions for compliance.

Reporting requirements are changed from semi-annual to annual and are now necessary only from club licensees and eligible organizations with proceeds in excess of $20,000. To that end, these groups will not be required to submit electronic annual reports to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue by Feb. 1 of this year. Instead, reporting will be required by Feb. 1, 2015. Also, access to the online reporting system will be available from the department’s website,, in the latter part of this year.

Act 92 increases the number of allowable games for charitable clubs and veterans’ organizations and the prize limits associated with those games, in addition to expanding opportunities for these groups to give back to their communities. They will also be able to keep a higher percentage of their proceeds to ensure they remain economically viable for the great work they do.

The law also addresses Pennsylvania’s veterans’ organizations, which face the possibility of closing. Act 92 will ensure that veterans can actually benefit from the small games of chance that run in their clubs.

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Representative Joe Emrick
137th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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