Emrick OK’s State Budget Bill
HARRISBURG – State Rep. Joe Emrick (R-Nazareth) voted Wednesday to support House Bill 2121, the general appropriations portion of the proposed 2018-19 state budget. The legislation, which passed by a 188-10 margin, will now be taken up by the state Senate.

Emrick offered this statement after House passage of the bill:

“Three years ago, Pennsylvania’s fiscal picture looked gloomy and our revenue numbers were deep ‘in the red.’ Thanks to responsible fiscal policy and holding the line on attempts to raise taxes, we are now ‘in the black,’ and advancing a budget bill that includes no broad-based taxes and would use the surplus to re-establish Pennsylvania’s Rainy Day Fund.

“Statewide PreK-12 funding would eclipse the $12 billion figure for the first time, with significant increases for the Bangor, Easton and Nazareth Area school districts. House Bill 2121 also includes an additional $30 million for career and technical education and commits more money to higher education.

“This key budget bill also features a new $60 million line item for school safety. This initiative will give schools flexibility in deciding how and where to address their individual safety issues, and the money is held in a restricted account, meaning it cannot be used for other purposes.

“Two other new line items confront significant health concerns. Doctors are calling Pennsylvania ‘ground zero’ for Lyme disease, and approximately $2.5 million is allocated for prevention of this potentially debilitating illness. The health of Pennsylvania agriculture is also threatened by the spotted lanternfly, and new funding is being designated to fight this invasive insect that has been sighted throughout Northampton County.

“House Bill 2121 keeps spending within the rate of inflation. It sufficiently supports the core functions of government while not asking more from Pennsylvania taxpayers. My Senate colleagues should have no problem moving the bill to the governor’s desk well before the June 30 deadline.

Representative Joe Emrick
137th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Scott Little
RepEmrick.com / Facebook.com/RepEmrick

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